MediPEDS Men’s Diabetic Crew Socks (4 Pack)



MediPEDS Diabetic Crew Socks

MediPEDS focuses on keeping feet healthy. Our socks are engineered to address diabetes-related symptoms, leg fatigue, swelling, and dry skin. They are constructed with yarns and comfort features that help reduce foot irritation and pressure on the legs. As a national strategic partner of the American diabetes association, MediPEDS is committed to helping people who suffer from this disease.

medipeds mens diabetic socks - black

Benefits of the MediPed Diabetic Socks 

  • Coolmax keep feet dry
  • Non-binding funnel top
  • Cushion sole protects feet
  • Lycra spandex offers the ultimate fit and helps hug feet, reducing slippage which could cause blisters

medipeds mens diabetic socks - white

Relative Comments with regard to the Diabetics socks :

Just what was needed. after not being able to wear normal socks due to having an accident and having his leg rebuilt inside and needing a muscle and skin graft on his calf, which is still healing since Nov 17 and cold weather also affecting his leg we bought the MediPEDS diabetic socks and he can wear them all day and they help him with a bit of warmth as well. he cannot wear shoes, only over sized moccasins for a while each day so these socks are great. Just What he needed. Have ordered another 8 pair. Fantastic product and was delivered a week earlier than expected