Jefferies Socks Boys’ Sporty Half Cushion Quarter Socks ( 6 Pairs)


6 pairs Boys Socks – check sizes from small to large


Pack of 6 Baby Boys Socks for $20.42

This boy sporty quarter 6 pair pack has great features: half cushion foot and arch support. Only sizes Infant and Toddler have no-slip nonskids. Sizes XS, S and M have NO Non-Skid grippers.

These baby boys socks are nice quality. Thin enough to put shoes in over, thick enough to walk around the house with AC on & not get cold feet. There are traction dots on the bottom of the foot.

  • Half cushion foot for extra comfort
  • Arch support for added fit
  • Only sizes Infant and Toddler have Non-Skid grippers
  • Sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large have NO Non-Skid grippers
  • This is a 6 pair pack of socks

We love that these socks are basic colors, as well as multiples of each color combination. The 12 pack means you can buy one set of boys socks and have enough, and as socks get lost or gain holes, you still have matches to pair up. They fit well, aren’t too tight at the ankle, and stay up well. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Carter. Socks for babies and young kids are one place I definitely prefer a nice brand over cheaper packs from the neighborhood “all-mart” store.

Once again these are the choice socks for the parent that understand s that kids especially the boys will be hard on the socks when walking, running around the home.

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