Socks Galore

Why is it that in the past mens selection of clothing was astute and yet there selection of socks was poor or was it really that the allowed selection or the available selection was very poor and manufacturers did little to help us. 

Lets Face it male apparel options are, at best, boring: matches, pants, shirts, ties, blah blah.


While we women have practically limitless opportunities to earn foolish style choices, the male field has very little possibility to spoil (with the exception of recreation fits, fancy tuxedo shirts as well as Nehru jackets).

Those of us on the women side of the sex freeway can wear crippling high heels, footless tights and also thigh-hugging mini-skirts– all at the same time. Type of a trifecta of style do n’ts.

These mens socks are boring

This time of year is specifically dangerous for ladies whose style compass is out of whack. In shops today there’s a spectacular array of unreasonable sweaters. Clothes with Dancing reindeers, snowboarding Santas and sledding snowmen front, back, facility as well as cascading up and down both sleeves. When was the last time you saw a person in one of those? The most absurd of the vacation sweatshirts do not even come in males’s dimensions.

Fortunately, there is still a tiny apparel niche where a guy could make a declaration: his socks. This is specifically great news for the fashion faint-hearted given that, most of the moment, they’re covered by his trousers.

Choice of Socks

socks 1

Now these are more like the choices we need to make

In a household that I’m particularly accustomed to, the man uses socks adorned with martinis, a Vargas girl or Norwich terriers, depending upon his mood, his social schedule or, usually, what’s clean.

Well now we have many choices and many colours along with changes in design from star wars to puppies and drinks glasses to be had. All on the latest choice of mens socks –


This brings us to choice of socks – whether they are to be no show socks, compression socks. low cut socks or ankle socks we can ear what we want to wear and in what design we need or feel like wearing we can even use crew socks if we feel inclined. In most cases today business socks can be in any design and most are crew socks.

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